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SONIC MASTER ES-2 (alat fisioterapi)

Price :
Sonic Master ES-2 is a compact ultrasonic therapy apparatus of high efficiency. Large ERA 10 cm2 and low BNR 4.0 allows more sufficient treatment.

Large ERA (Effective Radiating Area) of 10 cm2 offers a versatile choice for ultrasonic application. It has also improved the directivity of ultrasonic radiation.
Low BNR (Beam Nonlinearity Ratio) of 4.0 allows to emit uniform ultrasonic radiation.
Provided with five kinds of pulse mode, accommodating to non-thermal therapy.
Equipped with automatic check function for incomplete contact of applicator.
All functions can be operated with seven buttons. Set treatment conditions are memorized and treatment can start instantly at the time of power on again.

Effects are as follows
Thermal effects: Due to ultrasonic wave vibration, heat is generated in the deep potion of the body. Compared with microwaves, ultrasonic waves are excellent in the deep penetration and the optional thermal effects on the muscle.
Massage effects: Tissues in the deep portion are vibrated by ultrasonic waves giving massage effects on them, which brings many physiological changes such as promoting circulations, etc. These effects cannot be found in any other thermotherapy apparatus.

Alat Fisioterapi
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