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Treat Your Own Back By Robin A. McKenzie

Treat Your Own Back
By Robin A. McKenzie

Publisher: Orthopedic Physical Therapy Product
Number Of Pages: 80
Publication Date: 1997-01
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0959774661
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780959774665
Binding: Paperback

Help yourself to a pain-free back. This easy-to-follow book presents over 80 pages of education and clinically-proven exercises. The simple and effective self-help exercises in Robin McKenzie’s Treat Your Own Back have helped thousands worldwide find relief from common low back and neck pain. This book helps you understand the causes and treatments, along with a system of exercises that can help you relieve pain and prevent recurrence.

Summary: Read every page very carefully
Rating: 2
I would strongly suggest that you read this book very carfeully because I didnt and did exercises that I shouldnt have (if I had read it correctly I would have realised that). Boy did I suffer! So now I am very nervous about taking any of the advice in the book.
On the other hand I also bought Treat Your Own Neck by the same author and its absolutely excellent. It really has kept me pain free.

Summary: Best Thing Around for Self-Treatment of Back Problems
Rating: 5
This book was recommended by a physical therapist and it has helped enormously. It was so good I bought a second copy for a relative with back problems.

Summary: Treat your own back
Rating: 5
I thought this book was great. I didn’t have chronic back pain, but my quality of life was definitely affected. I am doing less than half of the exercises recommended in the book and am almost pain free. Highly recommended. Lou

Summary: Book is good, but be warned
Rating: 4
The book does clearly state that for some people..the extension position might be harmful. That was the case for me. While I ended up on crutches (for the first time due to severe increased pain) I do not blame the book. Just be extremely careful. When I began…I actually felt some relief WHILE in extension at the start, but it would hurt worse as time spent in the position increased. And I hurt worse when I got up. So…it only took about 3 times of that before I became non-amb. w/o crutches. Then it took perhaps 6 mo. with the help of a good chiro. (traction, ultrasound and manipulation at 1x week) before I was out of pain. It’s been 2 years since that incident and I’ve not had any diffficulty since. I totally avoid any extension positions beyond that which occur naturally in walking (even freestyle swimming puts noticible pressure on my LB due to the extension of bouyancy. Back stroke and floating are OK).
Best wishes and prayers to anyone combatting back pain. I’m a fairly strong and positive person. But after being in chronic pain for several months with difficulty and pain in EVERYTHING I did, including breathing, I fully understand the severe depression and mounting hopelessness chronic pain brings. When I began to have thoughts that living like that would be impossible, in spite of having young daughters, a great husband and great job…I became very scared.
Keep searching for an answer. I went through 3 chiropractors and much time before I found the right one. Keep your faith, keep your resolve, keep on praying and keep on trying.
Shelley M.

Summary: Great book
Rating: 5
This is the third one of these books I have gotten, or maybe the forth. I give them to back pain sufferers since I know personally how helpful it was to me. Well written and easy to follow. Not for every back problem but for the most common back pain it is right on. I have had far less back pain in the last 15 years than in any of the previous 40 years and am in my 70s now. Arthur (itis) is taking over now but, unfortunately, the book won’t stop that.
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