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Nursing Care Plan for Stroke

Strokeis also referred to as a brain attack, and it occurs when a blood vessel leading to the brain ruptures or gets blocked due to plaque deposits. When plaque accumulates on the wall of arteries, it is known as arthrosclerosis.
A stroke leads to several complications because the patient experiences weakness, paralysis and they cannot perform daily living activities. Their quality of life reduces, as they cannot shop, socialize and feed themselves. A stroke also leaves a person with visual defects and this causes them to eat their meals partially. They will consume just what they can see. The visual orientation might get affected from left to right. A visual problem can lead to the grave neglect of food and diet, and leaves a deficit in their nutrition.
Signs such as difficulty walking or trouble keeping their balance and coordination are some of the signs a stroke victim will display and very important if the problems are stemming from the same side of the body. Our brain has two halves and doctors know that a stroke only affects one side under normal circumstances. For their own safety if you see they are having trouble being steady, encourage them to remain seated until they receive help.
Another sign of a stroke is a headache, not the run of the mill headache that people will randomly experience, but a severe one that does not respond to treatment. Many stroke victims report no headaches during the stroke, however those who did reported a very severe one and it is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness and/or an altered consciousness.
There are several available treatments for Stroke. Oxygen may be given to be sure that your brain is getting the maximal amount. Taking birth control pills is generally safe for young, healthy women. Treatment of blood pressure that is too high or too low may be necessary in treating a stroke. Ischemic stroke is treated by removing obstruction and restoring blood flow to the brain.
Rehabilitation can also take place at a nursing facility. The rehabilitation process can include some or all of the following:
(1) speech therapy to relearn talking and swallowing;
(2) occupational therapy to regain dexterity in the arms and hands;
(3) physical therapy to improve strength and walking; and
(4) family education to orient them in caring for their loved one at home and the challenges they will face.
Nursing Care Plan for Stroke with Nursing Diagnosis
Nursing Diagnosis for Stroke
1. Ineffective Airway Clearance
2. Ineffective Cerebral Tissue Perfusion
3. Impaired Physical Mobility
4. Impaired Verbal Communication
5. Disturbed Sensory Perception
6. Imbalanced Nutrition Less Than Body Requirements
7. Self-Care Deficit
8. Risk of Injury
9. Deficient Knowledge

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